Furniture N More has been recognised as the best supporter of QLD made products by Warwick Fabrics with the presentation of the Warwick Kiosk "the only one awarded in QLD". Valued at more than $8000 the kiosk was awarded to the Burleigh team for their dedication in supporting Warwick fabrics and Qld industry. Michael and the lounge design team are on hand and ready to help you customise your own loungeroom just bring in your dimensions and a photo of your room and we will help make your recliners, lounge or sofa personally yours or you can select from our huge range which is ready to go because "WHY WAIT WHEN IT CAN BE YOURS TODAY".



Queensland Made Lounge, sofa and sofa beds, ready to go!

Or you can customise your choice of lounge right now and get it made just for you! Choose your depth, choose your height choose your size then once you have all that choose from over 500 different Warwick fabrics to make your unique personal modular lounge or sofa suite. Our friendly non commission staff will help make the process fun.

Right now we are having a sale on all our QLD made lounges with great discounts store wide!

Come and visit us because we care and we are here to help you design your lounge and give you ideas with your colours. It's a no fuss, no rush experience because we care. All we need are your measurements and a photo of your space. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Yourds Sincverely

Christine Deck






The Hampton

The Hampton Modular Lounge and Sofa Range offer something unique. This design is Low, Long, extra Deep and designed for lounging. Because it is so Modern and Deep we have also made it low so vertically challenged people like myself can still get comfortable but tall people love this lounge.

From all angles this lounge is stunning from the extra wide low arms and legs through to the detail on the back of the lounge, if the back of your lounge is exposed this is the lounge for you. 

As with all of our lounges it comes with 10 Year Foam, Frame and Support warranties and is available in over 500 Warwick Fabrics. We can customise to suit your size and can even make it as a Modular lounge for easy transport and Delivery. The chaise is reversible however you can just have a Sofa or an ottoman if that is what works for you.

We look forward to helping you design the Hampton to be uniquely yours


Select products in your choice of colour & fabric made in as little as 2 weeks!

Conditions apply*, see in store for details.


The Parklane Modular Lounge and Sofa

The Parklane is our flag ship model, it's origins date back to 1999 when we designed the Jerry Sofa based on the sofa's in the television show at that time. Over the years we have tweaked the design to keep it modern and current. The Parklane is available as standard with 700mm wide cushions and 200mm wide arms which can be customised to suit any space. This is a lounge lizard lounge for people like myself who choose mostly to lie on a lounge thus the seats are a little deeper than most. I have also extended the back so the Parklane can come with higher back cushions for taller people.

The Parklane has all the same Quality as the rest of our Queensland made lounges and that Jerry which I made for myself in 1999 is still currently being used today but not in my home.

Broadway Queensland Made

The Broadway is a high quality customised Modular lounge which we designed for myself in 2015.

The raked arms are welcoming and offer a nice style away from the square look that has been so popular but they are still strong enough to sit on, the Dunlop seat foam offers great support. The back cushions are available in high or mid height, I have chosen the mid height as they come all the way to my shoulders to offer support but are low enough to use as a pillow when laying on the chaise.

I have chosen a high quality Warwick fabric for myself and my wife chose the colour of the back cushion allowing for a unique look that won't be replicated and making our selection almost exclusive to our home. I have also purchased 5 metres of the same plain fabric should we chose to change the look in the future. After having this look for the past 2 years we are now changing the back cushion colour to a different pattern, for just a few dollars we will change the look in our home and can still go back to the original at any time.

The frames are strong enough to handle my daughters and their friends climbing all over the lounge and we offer a 10 year warranty, thanks to the Black Cat support system we don't get any of that roll to the middle you find with a lot of lounges once the whole family pile on.

Please feel free to come in and test out the Broadway and I hope you will let me help you design your unique loungeroom centrpiece.

BENDIGO Modular Lounge and Sofa's

Our Bendigo was designed recently to offer maximum seating space and comfort. The arms are quite minimalist yet strong enough to sit on and still look substantial.

We can customise seating to your requirements and offer a choice of 3 different colours on the hardwood legs with over 500 fabrics to chose from.

All the cushions are removable and reversible for easy cleaning

The height of the back cushions offer great back support without over powering your living room.

We welcome you to come and test our latest lounge and sofa designs.


Covington Corner Lounge BULK BUILD PROJECT

We have just completed a project of 15 corner suites for stock and they are ready to go into your home. With the support of Dunlop Foams and Warwick Fabrics we have been able to shave $700 off the price for this Bulk Build Project. The covington has a choice of a Mid size arm, a wide arm and a snooze arm. As with all of our QUEENSLAND MADE lounges it has a 10 Year Dunlop Foam Warranty, 10 Year Independant Support system Warranty and 10 Year Frame Warranty there is just 1 catch though, I only have 1 of each lounge in each fabric so be quick as at $1999 for this awesome long lasting and comfortable lounge they won't stay in the store for long. 



The Prominece Range is a High Quality medium depth, medium height design which can be customised into a huge range of sizes and can include Sofabeds, Sofas or chairs. The Prominence is made right here in Queensland and comes with all the goods, 10 Year warranties and ove 500 Colours to choose from. 


I have modified  the 3 1/2 seater and with some minor design tweaking I have worked out how to put one of our High quality sofa beds into the 3 1/2  without compromising comfort. You still have a great choice of colours to select from and the best part of building this Modular Sofa this way is that it will still fit in almost every lift and through almost every door so you can still have your Big Sofa look. 


The Indiana - Put your comfort First

The Indiana is a version of an original recliner lounge we started manufacturing shortly after we opened our Labrador Factory in 2002 and when it comes to Reclining Lounge Suites this one is impossible to beat. Your comfort is put as our primary objective with this design offering adjustable Lumber and Neck support this is a rare lounge which offers support for your neck even in the fully reclined position so you can go to sleep while watching the TV. Most recliners fall short when it comes to keeping your eyes forward not up in the fully reclined position.

The padded arms are desinged to offer comfort should you choose to lay on the sofa, let's face it sometimes you just want to lay on your side on a flat surface rather than recline.

The Indiana comes in a full range of sizes with standard width, Maxi width and King recliners available. The suite can be made as a Modular Lounge Suite or a Theatre Lounge Suite. Electric Recliners and Lift chairs are also available. There is very little that can't be accomdated for.

The standard and maxi width recliners come with the strongest recliner mechanism with a 5 Year Warranty and able to carry up to 160Kg which is the ultimate sign of Quality. The Foam, support and Frame all have a 10 Year Warranty and we can cover it in your choice of 500 Warwick Fabrics or you can chose from Leather Italia's Puccini Leather Range where we will cover the entire lounge in the very best leather available in Australia.

We look forward to helping you design Your uniquely perfect lounge.

Firm now = perfect soon when it comes to Dunlop foam warranted for the next 10 Years 

Brand New Design Just Arrived All Motion Recliner Suite "The Vermont"


The Vermont was just released in 2017 and it blends modern design with ultimate recliner comfort. This reclining suite is designed so that when you are laying back relaxing in your lounge you are still pointing in the right direction at the TV. The backs are fully adjustable and with our Qld Made quality you will find yourself enjoynig your lounge for many years to come.

The Vermont is available in any combination your choose including 2 seater sofas, king reclining sofas to any size you choose. It is available as a theatre suite with consoles and electric recliners as well as lift chairs for those who require a litlle assistance.

You have over 500 fabrics to choose from or you can have our floor stock immediately and we are now introducing our "FAST TRACK" system where you can have your own colour made in as little as 2 weeks.



Quality QLD made & Comfy Sofa Beds on Sale & Ready to go from $999!

We have a huge range of Comfortable Sofa Beds In stock and on sale for our 20th birthday.


For these three designs "it's all about the base" and in this case it's our exclusive "Infinty" Memory Foam. These sofas are so comfortable and supportive that you will be amazed, you don't sit on this sofa you sit in it without any back support compromise. Just released in late 2017 we have been offering them at a promotional package price for a two and a half sofa plus a two seater sofa however you can have any size you wish.

 As with anything at Furniture N More you don't have to wait if you can see it on the floor it is yours but if you want to choose your own fabric and are in a hurry we can "FAST TRACK" your order in as little as 2 weeks.With over 500 colour choices and long warranties you will be able to make yourself comfortable for years to come.


The Lexi is one of our latest desins of Chair, Sofa and Sofa beds. We have curved the arm outwards to soften the lines with an elegant line of piping highlighting the arm. As with all our Sofas they can even be two toned to make your lounge uniquely yours.

The Lexi is a standard depth which is designed for sitting comfortably where everyone's feet can touch the floor. As with all our sofas the seat and back cushions are completely removable for easy vacuuming and spot cleaning and the back cushions are also adjustable.

The Lexi comes with a 10 Year Foam, Frame and Support Warranty and is available in over 500 fabrics. As this is a new design I don't have all the sizes on show but I can customise the size to suit your requirements.

Firm now = perfect soon when it comes to Dunlop foam warranted for the next 10 Years 


Designed with apartment life in mind the New Yorker sofa range puts an elegant twist on a modern typical square arm design. The square edge is kept along the top while sweeping outwards like a pair of arms welcoming you home after a long day, ideal to lay against or lean into. The depth is kept fairly minimal as to not intrude too heavily into the space and it makes for a really comfortable seating position. As with all my Sofa's they have removable and reversible cushions and the back cushions are even adjustable, available in Sofa's, Sofabeds and Chairs which can be customised to fit your lounge room. Come in and check out our New Yorker Range but please bear in mind that they are built to last so the Dunlop foam with it's 10 year warranty will be firm at first and perfect soon for a long life ahead with you and your family.


2 1/2 and 2 Seater Sofas Available in 500 fabrics

10 Year Structural Warranty 10 Year Dunlop Foam Warranty 10 Year Italian Support Warranty

3 Year Warwick Fabric Warranty Custom Sizing Available

New York

The New york is a fresh look on a simple design, this Sofa offers elegant lines welcoming you to come and relax within it's arms.

If you are looking for style, comfort and quality the New Yorks lines conbined with your choice of Warwick fabric has the sophistication to transform your living space into a reflection of your own personality.

The New York is available as standard in lounge chairs, two seaters, two and a half seaters, three seaters, three and a half seaters and sofa beds in a huge choice of Warwick fabric.

As with all of our Queensland made lounge suits they come with a 10 Year Structural Warranty 10 Year Dunlop Foam Warranty 10 Year Italian Support Warranty, 3 Year Warwick Fabric Warranty and Custom Sizing is Available.


We have designed the Bianca's to be the best value Sofa's on the Coast. Built with the best components Including Dunlop Foam and Warwick Fabric these sofa's are built to last and the fabric is already commercial grade with properties that make it stain and fade resistant.

These sofa's have been built in bulk so we can offer some really special pricing and with support we've managed to make the package only $1099 for both Sofa's. It really is amazing that for just a few Dollars you can have a Queensalnd Made product which is far superior to anything else on the market.

Please feel free to come in and view our Bianca's in store but just remember the foam is warranted for 10 years so it is firm at first but perfect soon offering comfort and support and will remain that way.

If you would rather purchasing on line or over the phone the colours below should be immediately available or otherwise if you aren't in too big a hurry you can select from the Baxter range and we will build it for you.







Australian Made Lounges customised to suit your lifestyle

Our range of Australian Made lounges are manufactured to our specifications and can be customised to suit you. There are over 500 different fabrics to chose and with help from our friendly staff we can fulfill your requirements These products are exceptionally strong and have long warranties with recliner mechanisms rated up to 160kg.


Pacific Accent Chair

The Pacific Accent Chair is a groovy little chair designed with a wide seat for comfort and some curves for style. This chair is ideal for the bedroom or in a living area and as it is available in over 500 Warwick fabrics you can choose a plain or pattern and tailor your living space to your personality. As with all of our Queensland made products they come with a 10 year Dunlop Foam warranty, 10 year Frame Warranty, 10 Year Support Warranty and 3 Year Warwick Fabric Warranty.


HAMPTON at Burleigh Waters & available TODAY!

PARKLANE at Burleigh Waters & available TODAY!

PARKLANE at Biggera Waters & available TODAY!

Previously Made Parklanes

BROADWAY at Burleigh Waters & available TODAY!

BROADWAY at Biggera Waters and available TODAY!

Previously Made Broadways

BENDIGO at Burleigh Waters & available TODAY!

Previously Made Bendigos

COVINGTON at Burleigh & available today!

COVINGTON at Biggera Waters & available TODAY!

PROMINENCE at Burleigh Waters & available TODAY!

PROMINENCE at Biggera Waters & available TODAY!

Previously Made Prominence

INDIANA at Burleigh Waters & available TODAY!

Previously Made Indianas

NEW YORKER at Burleigh Waters & available TODAY!

NEVADA at Burleigh Waters & available TODAY!


Warwick Fabrics - Since 1966

3 Year Warranty

With my 27 years of Furniture Experience I can not recommend Warwick Fabrics highly enough. The Warwick family have been selling fabrics all over the world from their Melbourne base for over 50 years and their reputation exceeds all others. It doesn't matter how well I can build a lounge or sofa if the fabric lets us down and that is why we recommend Warwick fabrics as all their fabrics are tested and you can see the results on the back of each label yourself. With a huge selection to chose from we can help you find the right choice for your needs, feel free to ask the advice of any of our floor staff as each fabric has it's unique properties which may or may not suit your personality.

Dunlop Foams

Firm Now - Perfect Later

10 Year Warranty

I have heard so many times in my career that "when I sit in it I will know", but what eludes most salespeople is telling the customer that foam softens 17% from new generally during the initial 3 months depending on use. So if you do sit in it and love it now in 3 months it will be completely different and you will then have to put up with non supportive foam for the next 10 or so years. As Dunlop Foams are a Queensland Company we have great back up support from them and if you happen to find that your foam hasn't softened enough we will swap it for you later but from my experience once the foam has softened you will find it will Perfectly soft and supportive.

The reason why foam softens is that when it is made each foam cell has windows that need to be broken to allow the air to travel through the foam until this happens the foam feels extremely stiff but as Dunlop foam is Warranted to last 10 Years you want a foam that will soften for comfort but still offer great support. This is also why Dunlop recommend 5 or 6 inch thick foam however some manufacturers only use 4 inch which simply will not offer the support required for a modern families lounge.

Feel free to come in and view the example we have instore of a before and after foam cushion and you will really be surprised.

Custom Sizing Available Just Bring In The Size of Your Space

Previously made feature chairs!

Let Our Family-Owned and Operated Business Help You Find Quality Lounges & Sofas in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Lounge furniture should be comfortable, cosy and directly suited to your needs. That's why Furniture 'N' More offers completely customisable sofas and lounge furniture at our two super warehouses. Visit ustoday to find sturdy, relaxing sofas, sofa beds and more.

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All of our Australian-made lounge products are customisable. We offer over 500 unique fabrics, and any member of our staff can help you choose the right look for your home. Our durable products also feature recliner mechanisms rated up to 160 kg. We offer long warranties to ensure that your quality product has a long life.
Whether you need a sofa, recliner, lounge or sofa bed, we have the right product for you. Stop by either of our two warehouses to explore our wide variety of sofas in the Gold Coast.

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Sofa's and Sofa Beds

We have investigated many options over the years in regards to quality Sofa beds and we feel we have the best choice available to offer a good night sleep for your guests.



This is our lounge at home and as you can see my wife loves colour, it's not for everyone but it is exclusively ours and we love  our Lounge and our home is a fun place to be. The kids love the rug which we have a range of in store as well.

Let's make something exclusively yours.


If you drive past our Burleigh store you will see my trophy at the front of the shop.

Last year we had a customer purchase a new lounge off us and they asked us to dispose of their old lounge. The delivery team had completed the delivery and I just happened to walk out the back and see this sofa about to be carted off to the tip with it's matching 2 seater and I asked what were they going to do with it. I examined the sofa and found that the support system, Dunlop foam and the frame were all in great condition it was just the fabric that was tired and dirty. I told the boys they couldn't take this to the tip and they asked why to which I replied "because we made it here at Burleigh when our factory was located at 2 Sunlight Drive". So you can see how I wouldn't let them tip the sofa's, I then tried to re-home them on Gum Tree but no one was interested, they were just too outdated.

Unsble to allow one of my creations to be destroyed I decided to turn the sofa into a testament of Queensland craftsmanship and display it at the Burleigh shop. But as i had no home for the 2 seater it sat in storage at our store until just recently I was able to re-home it to a gemtleman who didn't have any furniture.

Paulleen also recently had a customer come into our store with a photo of her lounge at home and asked "this is my 16 year old lounge at home but it's now thread bare can you please build me another one the same?" So we did, the design had changed slightly over that time but we even found a similar Warwick Floral fabric for her. Yes we did have to dispose of her old lounge as well and Yes because it was thread bare I had to come to grips with letting it go to the tip. 

I am very proud that in this day of disposable products we are still able to compete with imports and produce Queensland Furniture that is not only Warranted for 10 Years but  built to last even longer.

If you would like me to help you customise a design to suit your needs the staff and I are happy to help, some people play golf  I customise lounges for fun.

Thanks for listening to me

Michael Russell



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Choose from our massive choice of fabrics for your customised lounge available from Warwick Fabrics!

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